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Cooking in Airbnbs

Second floor, Central Market

Cooking in 10 kitchens in over 4 weeks is a challenge: (1) moving food around which means carrying it; (2) keeping it cold; (3) Or, shopping for only what you need for the next meal; (4) Not having staples: in Italy, we are not seeing pepper. I wonder why. (5) an odd assortment of cooking utensils: (6) not much for stirring sauté pans; (7) No hot pads, or only those rubber things that look like fingertip mittens but are very awkward to use; (8) Preparing without spices means I should have brought a supply of spices that I use; (9) The most frustrating happens at each meal. Where is the “you name it”? Did I see a small pan here or was that yesterday? (10) Opening every single drawer to find the grater which I know is somewhere. Or was that yesterday too? (11) Is there a toaster here? Do the appliances work?? Has the owner turned off the power to the unit; or, after calling the host, we learn: “sorry, it doesn’t work.” (12) Then as we are happily heading back to our apartment, we must stop and remember what it is we need for the next meal that day, and, oh! Breakfast too. I had hoped for a tea pot occasionally here but only rarely do I get one. You just have to make do.  Of course, if you are in Florence, you can shop at the Central Market (shown).  This grand bazaar on three floors has an unending array of food both take out and ready to eat.

First floor, Central Market

Second Floor, Central Market