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Paris 1960

This acrylic was rendered from a photo I shot in April in Paris in 1960.  The museums were empty except for a few guards.  At the top of the grand staircase leading into the Louvre sat the Winged Victory.  Not far away hung the Mona Lisa.  Neither art was protected from vandalism.  I don’t remember any entrance fee.  As far as crowds, there were none.

Staying in a gites or using Airbnb in France

Our gites in Vallandry

In France, an option exists for short stays called Gites (https://en.gites-de-france.com); for instance, this gites, https://en.gites-de-france.com/holiday-rentals-Gennes-val-De-Loire-Cottage-Label-Bleu-49G14907.html is just $45.00 per day.  These cottages in the country are examined and certified by the French government.  Airbnb doesn’t inspect any of the lodgings they list.  With Airbnb you’re on your own.  With the gites program, you can search for the level of comfort and amenities you need.  Payment is sent to the French government.  Of course, many of the Airbnb’s are quite fine; you just take the word of those who have commented on the unit.  The gites option mainly is in a country setting.  Recently however, these offerings have been extended to some cities.  All gites have full kitchens not so for some Airbnbs.  Although you can find rates for both in the $100 per night range, the gites often have a one week minimum.

Inside the gites