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Attorney Ed Dechant has over 40 years experience advising clients with debt problems. He has filed thousands of bankruptcies for individuals and small businesses.

His low rates and willingness to work out terms in paying his fee has resulted in an ever expanding client base. In order to lessen the travel burden for clients from outlying areas, Mr. Dechant has relied on phone, fax, and mail. As more people have come to him for help he has turned to the Internet to counsel those with financial difficulties.


Member of the California State Bar Association since 1966.
Attorney in Charge, Legal Services Office, East Oakland, CA (1966-68)
Senior Attorney, Legal Services Office, East Los Angeles, CA (1968-69)
Private Practice San Francisco Bay Area with emphasis in debtor's rights (1970-2005)


"How to Do Your Own Bankruptcy", Edmund Dechant, Esq. and Aaron Milberg, Esq., 1972, Legal Information Press, San Francisco, Ca

"Dechant's Pocket Summary of Driving Under the Influence Laws", 1984, Easy Publications, Santa Rosa, Ca


B.A., Economics, University of California, Berkeley; 1962
J.D., Hastings College of the Law; 1965

Staff, Hastings Law Journal, 1963-1964
Editorial Board, Hastings Law Journal, 1964-1965

Ed Dechant, Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

In the last year, I have sued and won 18 cases against creditors that have violated either State or Federal laws. In less than 12 months, I collected over $100,000.00 from creditors for violating the consumer protection laws.



Edmund Dechant, Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

2 E St. Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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