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Santa Rosa
Bankruptcy Attorney

Hello. If you have a money problem and are now seeking a solution, I can help. Possibly you would be helped by filing bankruptcy; sometimes other choices are advisable. In either case, I have answers.

I am able and willing to help you quickly with analysis and advice like I have helped thousands of others over the last many years. You will get my undivided attention and guidance in a free initial consultation regarding your financial difficulties. Simply click one of the free consultation or bankruptcy worksheet links on your screen, answer the questions, and submit the form online. I try to respond the same day.

Whatever you do: don’t delay in seeking my help now that you have come this far.

Good Luck. I hope to hear from you soon.

Ed Dechant, Attorney at Law

Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

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Ed Dechant, Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

In the last year, I have sued and won 18 cases against creditors that have violated either State or Federal laws. In less than 12 months, I collected over $100,000.00 from creditors for violating the consumer protection laws.



Edmund Dechant, Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

2 E St. Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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