Debt Relief Videos

Ask Bankruptcy Questions…Get Answers

Bankruptcy – Taxes, Cars, Second Homes

Ed addresses these debt relief questions:

  • Are taxes eliminated in a Bankruptcy?
  • If I have had a car repossessed before bankruptcy, can I eliminate that debt?
  • Can I keep investment property or vacation home in a Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy – Debt, After Bankruptcy, Student Loans

Ed addresses these debt relief questions:

  • Can I pay off some of my debt after bankruptcy if I choose?
  • Can my creditors come after me later if my economic situation improves?
  • Are my student loans wiped out?

Bankruptcy Pros and Cons

Ed addresses these debt relief questions:

  • Do I need a Bankruptcy attorney?
  • Why should I file bankruptcy?
  • Can I keep my house and/or my car in a bankruptcy?
  • How long does the bankruptcy process take?

Bankruptcy Advice

Ed Dechant answers these bankruptcy questions:

  • Can I do a bankruptcy myself?
  • Can bankruptcy protect me from my creditors?
  • Will I ever recover my credit after bankruptcy?
  • How much does a bankruptcy cost?

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