Questions to ask your bankruptcy attorney:

  • Is your practice exclusively Bankruptcy?
  • For how many years?
  • After Chapter 7 discharge, will you, without charge, defend me against claims from discharged creditors?
  • If you represent me in Chapter 7, will you clean my credit balances from the three credit reporting agencies at no additional cost?
  • If you represent me in a Chapter 7, and after I received my discharge, will you be available to defend me, at no charge, if and when, one of the listed creditors tries to collect on the discharged debt?
  • If you represent me in a Chapter 13, will your plan give me the benefits of Section 524(i) of the Bankruptcy Code?
  • If you represent me in a Chapter 13 where a second mortgage is removed, will you proceed with the recommended Adversary Proceedings?
  • If you represent me in a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, and after I receive my discharge, will you defend me, at no charge, if and when, the holder of the first mortgage claims that my account is not current?
  • Have you ever collected any damages for your bankruptcy client for a creditor violation?

I’m Ed Dechant. I’ve been practicing bankruptcy exclusively since 1985. Shopping around? I’m not the cheapest in town: come find out why! Maybe you’ll decide to choose me to be your bankruptcy attorney.

P.S. My Practice is limited to residents of residents of California who live in the Counties of Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, and Marin. So whether you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County bankruptcy attorneys, or a Ukiah bankruptcy attorney, call me now. I am one of the most experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Santa Rosa.

Bankruptcy Worksheet

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